Techfoolery Podcast #60: “Prison Ringtones”

Show notes after the jump! Don’t miss the links to the Doug Jones story YouTube, and the pictures of those insane people with their cell phone shenanigans!


  • James’ Prizes came today! Well, most of them
  • You love us, you really love us! And we love you too. Soo many hits on the site.
  • A Milestone for James on G+
  • Ashley’s Doug Jones story

SWEAR WORD OF THE WEEK:  Spitting Shit Balls


Just a quick email to say I love the show, and keep up the great work!
A couple of things though.
1.  I subscribe to your show via BeyondPod on my Nexus 4, I just wanted to make sure that by doing it this way, the subscription shows up in your stats?
2.  Even though I am an Android Man (N4 & N7 however I have a Retina MBP), I feel I need to bring a fantastic iOS app to your attention, its called InstaGranny and its by far the best 69p one of my friends has ever spent!! It allows you to edit your photos and stick some PhotoBomb-ing grannies onto your picture!!  Its amazing!  I feel proud that my friend used the iTunes gift card I gave him for his birthday to buy it!
3.  A couple of weeks ago someone complained that you had too much emails and voicemails just praising yourselves, I have one thing to say about that………..FUCK EM!!
Again, keep up the good work!!

Stewart from Aberdeen, Scotland!

Hi all. My name is David and I’m from Andover Hampshire which is in southern England as James will know as it’s not too far away only about an hours drive from where he lives which I think I’ve heard him say is Gosport. In fact I’m in Gosport as I write this, I’m a lorry driver so travel all over the country delivering goods and today I happen to be here, in fact James will probably know where I am if I said ‘Huhtamaki’ where I picking up a load of cups for Costa Coffee.
I’ve been listening to your show now for a couple of months and I’ve got to say how much I and also a mate of mine ‘Barny’ enjoy it and look forward to downloading it every week.
I had a HTC One X up until the Nexus 4 came out, the One X was a brilliant phone and in some ways I still miss it but the Nexus 4 also is great so I have no complaints.
Sorry I haven’t got a question or anything useful to share with you but I simply wanted to say hi from across the pond!
Keep up the good work guys.


Your email has won you £1,000,000.00 (One Million British Pounds Sterling) from the Coca-Cola Lottery. For details on how to claim your winnings, send your full names to the Lottery Manager with the below informations:



Hello Ashley and Jane. It is. I both really southern gentleman. Excuse me Let’s see what People, doesn’t that and they will translation, anyway. I was calling to say that I just finished listening to your show from this week and 2 hours of just Gloria, poria from wonderful stuff. And yeah, just wearing a weird Actually described. This Week Yeah, absolutely 0.0%, the judge And I keep thinking. I’ve got to go out and get the sticker today. Because, but I was just like the shirt from this week. I. I believe zero point, $0.00 If you could be on a T-shirt food. Hello, Fogleman was wearing that. Dr. Definitely you’d like at all anyway. But I digress. Gracias week. Looking forward to hearing you guys get together again on Friday. I did respond on the social media list. Regarding, some of that you could add to your podcast if we could get this, got. Enjoy that they could be really cool. And I just want to say that I was listening to podcasts. They gave me the promoter in New York City to just interviewing some of the folks that he actually promotion doing podcast with them, and he tells his pocket short run in one hour. I guess I don’t think people can listen longer than 1 hour and, I just have to send him an email once I know that your long shower. We will listen for longer. One Hours Quality contact, just like Tech Foolery who are provides Anyway I ramble. I’m gonna eat my lunch. I have a great day and a great week. Peace.

Captain Morgan from Oregon

Hello james, Ashlyn the rest of the payPal’s out there. Yeah. My name is Steve at Morgan. Yeah I’m listening to podcasts or not. Last 3 or 4 so it’s and your I wanted some stuff I need to put some this. Where. Where in the week. He’s a couple times. Yeah. Recently, I just wanted to let her have been learning the ropes level of questions. My first choice was actually to actually yeah gmail me back so Thanks. Actually the popping that sherry. James. That’s all you also and I was impressed. About the Star Trek. Becker of yet. I was checking my cell. My question to you today is using to the next 50 years or so. Bozo’s social interaction be dead mostly over mobile home devices, ready to go back to me. Demos in person. You scenes from my experience of the person the prison contact with him. Lesson lessons facebook. Another social media. Bye. People always savings in your message impose. Yeah, Hi my Sam person. Refer back to the message of those further and just tell me the story. This is the reason I waited so long to sign for Twitter. But I will follow up people at area code. Yeah than mine. Hello, Please give my goal real that’s. Later. So basically, I sure I guess your facebook. If you get a job without me a call me, don’t. Taking opposed location. And like 20 questions in the comments and she was in a minute to minute phone call anyways, have a great day. Guys If you have a good works. Yeah, I’ll keep listen. Thanks.

Compton Dave

James, Ashley. Are you guys. Maybe have him call dude, calling you guys man. I am one happy right now. I was not only that I get to hear my only darted voice on your Podcasting Park. I have to go. I got Ashley. 2 rack. I’ve never been able to. Pat anybody been back The reason why I’m very happy is because I finally got my hands on the nexus 4 I will. I had a got if you have to be before this Like. Actually, I almost threw up when I started playing with touch with and That You Know what the it. I gotta find a way to give me and and Nexis for soul. I put my phone on craigslist, enough on on Nexus. For questions about it. Yes, very happy. We should be too a question. More like that one. I want you guys opinion. Specially James, reconvicted James owns the Nexus 4, which is going to take on moving the Nexus for, and putting a custom lawn. I’m on the Chris will be cut from my perspective, the way I see it. It is will of the way it’s been for me is that i via phone. ON the contract. I bought a phone before a bit on the contract and but I have touch with boy ahead Sand, I was when I get into the because i wanna stock. I was going on. But You know, Nexus forest spa Yes, I know there’s a few You know thing is that You know if I did not dozen other people do who went to the ROM, but my problem with the listing. It is Is that normally Bolivia nightly over would be a stable wrong. There’s always an issue with them so I will be when it comes to the nexus desire, hey comes. With the software that I really want so well. But anyway, I got to get up to see if you guys need to convince me or if you could both use basically You know, take me off of that because I really can either I’m gonna try and if you gonna take the lady. I love you, thing is here that I can Do more whether I will be, Mom I don’t see that you, I don’t know if there’s a need for anymore. Because I already have, the wrong the stock and go that I want to know my device. Just wondering what you guys think of that I really appreciate your input. I hope you have guys having a great day and that next week. I was call you back and I’ll talk to the yesterday because I want to go to time today bye. I think. Take care.


  • MailboxApp – people are acting like assholes about waiting in a virtual line

  • M7 Finally has a name. The One. good or bad?

  • Infinity Blade Dungeon pushed back but has EPIC developers

  • BBC iPlayer to show shows first. This worries James


“That’s when he pu*POP”

Wonder if it was the Nokia tone.

That’s a shitload of phones, and not a lot of space.


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