Techfoolery Podcast #61: “Chromodoris Reticulata”

Hey friends! It’s time for another episode of your favorite filthy tech podcast. We’re not sure how, but penises ended up being a big part of the show this week.

We also discuss Russian meteors, cheaper iPhones, HP’s giant FU to webOS, Amazon’s stellar reputation, and what HTC might have up their sleeves on the 19th! MAN THE CANONS

Oh, the grab bag is a mess of delights from a famous snow penis to a zombie apocalypse in Montana. And don’t trust this thing:


It WILL fuck you.


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Hey guys whats up. got 2 questions for you.

I was listening to the imore podcast and Renee does a fantastic job. He said there is a rumor of Apple making a cheaper version of the iPhone. I have to say this rumor has been going around since the iPhone came out. I dont think they will because Apple hasnt made cheaper version of anything and every year the previous iPhone is $99 on contract. To me thats a cheaper option. What do you guys think?

This question is for you James. I bought a Nexus 4 and love the fucking shit out of it. The only thing I dont like is that the speaker phone volume and the aux volume seem low compared to my Galaxy Nexus. Have you experienced this and if you have, have you found a way to solve it?

Love the fucking podcast guys, oh I heard a few episodes back Ashley likes ankles. Well Im a fan of white women’s feet. Dont know why only white women just how it is.

Awesome show guys this is my favorite podcast of all time. Thanks

Wayne Kerr

Love the Show, Have to ask Where do you see Blackberry in 5 years ? Do You see them being a viable competitor with IOS and android? or just another Rim job?


WALTER says 0.0% suckage, as always! Yay!

WALES, two things: Very muffled, but we thought it was true when you said complainers didn’t understand the point of the show!

CHANCE says he got excellent recommendations at his work, and thanked us for all the help! We’re happy to help, and we’re also concerned you may get fired with our terrible recommendations. He’s also lost weight, another 3lbs!

What up in Arin makes again from Kansas. I’m just on my way home right now. This ride my bike you back to the house. When the honor of your bad ass sort of last week or whatever about the dollar one. So anyways, i got a bunch of questions I got to get a more real quick for you guys were this thing popping up again. James James James James again and ask you this question for a long time. I keep forgetting. Every time I call him into the show. James, I want to know you probably have fumble washer mother, Please, all four master, United, message to see any arsenal. When you call me and I got it now. I don’t know. It’s very important visit to the battle of the answer if I continue listen to the show. If I don’t think you know that into the show 7 question that you know, 51, 5′ 10 for a while now ride or set and I guess you guys caught up there in the U. K. We called to see 10 over here and U. S. A. The matter but anyways, tell me. The browserman the browser. The rest of the browser. The browser is my favorite. I’m on the phone about the position that I used the most. If, in fact it’s a beautiful as of fluid. Can you organize the ball marks is actually really have fast the best of my face answer that should not affect the best up other anytime, just wanted to drop out there cos I don’t know if there’s any bounces off the desktop, Ross Brown and I should have a possible that’s not browsers. I want you to come and I did that Chevron has back. I wanna know. Gotta tell me. Anyway, how you and John. It’s bedtime, ohh. It’s been a big deal of bribery people man who would like their bets are, and what what you think I wanna know what your bag meant you knew care about the beds. I’m with you and I care about the bed time mode. It was a few question about the exact love the show. Keep doing a good job all in Apple this distance.

Hey everyone noticed. Tech Foolery podcast. This is Tim from the east coast just listening to episode 16 and thought it was really great. I heard that you were talking about the H. T. C. 1 in you. Thought of Highlander, but I think more Neil, from but make sure it and actually. I heard that you were afraid of the Moon. Good seeing that interest mass wasn’t around then, and you probably still be afraid of it now. Well, that’s all I want to say and another great show and keep it up.

Hi Ashley, James Infotech schools include for maker and two things today. First off, I’m not going to 5 mailbox, but you know hotmail email, i got it out about the same time, actually, and I like it. Other than 2 minor things. And then 5 once. I think it’s a bit weird and I went to the inability. Just like the default ask for mailing about this, but I realize that a lost cause, for the not willing to joke, like the second thing another hour calling for android which is a Twitter client that I have a message for contrary. Well design. Although it’s a bit plan with a company features and have a straight back but I know that. Just wondering if you were. James has not carbon. For further thoughts, the mailbox and if you’re still using it. Bye now HI.


  • Alicia Keys tweets from her iPhone, then claims she got HACKED. lolololololol

  • 4.2.2?
  • Fuck you, HP.

  • Amazon has a high reputation



Detachable Penises for Everyone!

A snow penis to delight a town…
…but Lorena Bobbit wannabes chopped it down

Bonus: Zombie Cells!


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