Techfoolery Podcast #62: “The Horseman Baby Daddy Cometh”

Welp, it’s another episode for your listening pleasure. James and I spent the whole week dealing with idiots, assholes, and bullshit, so we hope our podcast isn’t too vengeful on the weak!

This episode includes the following: Why you make Ashley angry when you whine about non-removable batteries, James’ car accident, the insane and hilariously strange PS4 (non) event, why the Chromebook Pixel is a joke, getting real about Google Glass, the glorious HTC One’s debut, Ubuntu for tablets/phones preview, why you shouldn’t celebrate a lottery win with methamphetamines, shrinking pants, and the Horseman Baby’s daddy cometh… like, FOR REAL.

Show notes after the jump!


  • James almost died!
  • It seems like it’s idiot week.
  • A national company backed out on giving Ashley a job because they didn’t realize how “racy” she was until they did a cursory Google search. Wat.
  • Non-removable batteries and the idiot people who compain about them
    • “It’s unprofessional to say, ‘Who has a charger’” – NO YOU IDIOT.
    • “Batteries are easier to carry around!” – NO YOU IDIOT.
    • “Spare batteries are better than being plugged in and waiting” – NO YOU IDIOT.
    • This link will save you all from being whiney bitches
  • Some dude is STILL crying about Ashley blocking him on Twitter a year ago
  • Shameless Plug for James’ event
  • We have a community on G+!

SWEAR WORD OF THE WEEK:  Hairy cunt bandit




John from Florida

Hey James an actually this is john from Florida. Just want to leave a quick message. That question and some suggestions. I spent except for recently and Jane 51 my batteries and pretty. Hey guys pretty much the other day So I don’t know if you had those issues. And I’m a rebel. Plus, think i actually when they’re asking for suggestions for future gas. I just want to name a few. I know you Matt. I just, you know that stream industry new work so. If you could have. I just been attacked podcast maybe chris below or Lamar Wilson. I know. Lamar Wilson has used the enjoyed and then he went by phone. About a year ago. And so maybe they do have a good perspective. The person that You should be Android out of the iPhone, that’s pretty cool. You guys are awesome. Game you because we’re actually is beautiful, basically saying you guys have a good one. Bye.

Grand Prairie Dog

Hey what’s up team, wanted to call and give my opinion over sir and I could you guys are talking about. Right now I’m going home from work and excuse me, I started listening to you guys. After the and gadget. I guess that you got going on. Thank you were let you absolutely have to get the i’m sorry if I got your name on it. I want to do bargained like 2 times but Very interesting, definitely different from other park at and I live in July. The Burge and right Central, and Magic trying to do a lot of Podcasting at and and things like that. And you guys are taking a different angle. At A at. So. More. Definitely more. I am ball with your audience, and I just wonder what you’re doing more last sponsored you guys get to the point, give your opinions and I like that a lot. Bye. That’s pretty cool. That’s why I check. ON my enjoyed Nexus 4. By the way, I’m awesome phone. ON my pocket cast. I’m sorry I’ve been. I’ve been sick. Hey, give me a notification when you guys. 7. Yeah so much loop. So I was doing a lot. But what call. I guess you and we’ll maybe call you guys was to give you props so. Actually job. Keep it up secondly what. This early secure things. It’s cracking me up, is using it. Still route. And I agree. I would like I told my wife by shoelaces like as like the idiot like like why would you do know that you know days after. Not even plans or anything use when I handed it is. It’s it’s don’t do that that The. Big Companies are, or you know. Crossing the, so that reason be servers are running the something to see if I can bring you know anyway i said, i just want to read about that. Just do it secondly wanted to, let you guys know I don’t know, goodnight. I apologize again. I I should have the civil for me but The your call list. And the nexus 4, and I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but if it if it is definitely get on that. So I have a chance or paranoid and Rachael. And also if you have signed a Jen try at this blue meant thing on the exterior forms. If it is. It’s. It’s it’s freaking awesome. It’s such a beautiful scene anyways, just want to give you guys that and my insights on, that. But obviously will probably know what the new ACC one or whatever it is so anyway. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on The new devices are coming out. Keep up the great work. I will be a. Over time list. We’re going forward. 11. Enjoy. And thank you.


Hey what’s up. It’s James taken chance tomorrow. Once again I keep this Sweet, the short. So here we go Yeah, number 1. H. D. C. 1. Yeah, I noticed human body. Here’s my question for Ashley, you can receive more phones. And I’d. I think that’s going to come with the new case I got the dot on google plus. Let’s see where that goes number 2 play station 4 boxing. Yeah what’s up man, the LES messed boxing never Norman boxing means you show the product so I just. I don’t know what you’re sleeping. Guys, Yeah and to Mr. James. Yeah, I’ve been noticing a lot of speculation on the 4.22. And I’m kinda crazy but Yeah, I think that if you’re gonna update anything. You should bring something more. The table just hoping to update. There you go. Yo. So that was my question is. Everything’s good. Yeah i am is awesome in your honor. That makes me feel like no, hit with all bulletproof so textiles you guys. Thank you And Thank you for making a pad translation from Spanish in to something awesome so. If you guys are you. Could you please let me know. I will really crazy picture on that for you that you guys bye bye.


Hello, My name is Steve appreciative of the crappy part of East Tennessee called Knoxville And I was calling to talk to you about how often show is now you tell every single one of your hatred. 2 socket. I absolutely love that. Because, hey it’s not there so if they don’t like it taken not listen to it. They told me to be total idiot on Twitter. Also, steam Felix. I love steam for Alexei, unfortunately. About the only game I can get to work on my machine is half-life. I know Team Fortress 2. Working windows at octopus. Of, direct at. Unfortunately, I’m going to head review. Kempie on my owns. Drivers if I want to make it work properly. Thanks a lot. Intel anyway. That’s all love the show. Keep it up. But.


Hello. I don’t know. Anyway, I don’t know if we’re going to have where everybody in the world that the other gentleman. Just want to talk to say hello and and leave a voicemail everybody know. Love You already know that you have a couple of drop of that package. Just, it’s just the way, I just actually James like to do it. Actually, I just from okay Hope you’ve enjoyed the he he. If they today. I’m really excited about the A C 10. I love my ego. Obviously old of, but you know if not. But I am really. I think it might be a little over whether 381 I will be out of the and HI. This past week Yeah, after, P, P crazy M ohh well, talk to Fred. Erin expense okay The. The allow which was and you’d ever but I apparently not leaving at there. All That. There. Thank you very much. What you do every week. So You know I spam. Thank you have the.



The incredible shrinking pants

” … and as you might expect, ka-boom.”

A candidate for Grab Bag Story of the Year


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