Techfoolery Podcast #63: “The Burrito Assault”

Sorry for posting this a couple days late — Ashley got wrapped up in a friend’s wedding, followed by a blissful (and rare) day of not working. You can throw a burrito in her face the next time you see her**.

This week, we talk about why Twitter’s API sucks (but is necessary), the most boring MWC ever, streaming music, awesome fan mail, Ouya, the LG purchase of webOS, pot cannons, an aggressive burrito delivery, and more! We love making this show for you.

Show notes after the jump!
(**Please don’t throw a burrito in my face the next time you see me.)

Grab its, sea wearing, wired fits.  Hello this it almost a scooba, i and swam famous brick null. and you’re listening to Techfoolery.


  • Happy St Davids Day wales
  • The Twittervention

SWEAR WORD OF THE WEEK:  ass candle 

James has intimate knowledge of this term, Ashley is grossed out.


Hi guys! My name is Conrad.

I have been listening to your podcast for a few weeks now and I have to say you have a great idea of how to make the listener love the podcast once they’ve listened to it. I’m sure you have tons of fans now, and better yet, you’ve got a listener from Poland here ( surprised? ). Keep up the great work, and don’t ever stop doing what you do! Ashley, you are a real beauty. Cheers!

Josh from Chicago

Just wanted to comment on the “non-removable battery” topic from last week. As someone who only buys a new phone once every year or two, upon getting a new phone I always immediately purchase an extra
battery. I do hate the extended batteries that make the phone bigger
and I have never bought one of those. I am not opposed to the battery
packs that you guys both have and I have even thought about getting one,
but for me it makes much more sense to have a small battery ($10 on
Amazon) that I can instantly swap out and have a full battery when my
phone dies, opposed to having a much larger battery pack and usb cable
and hooking my phone up for 1-2 hours and waiting for it to charge back
up. I do like that some of the larger ones have the option to charge
two devices, but I have never had a problem with my tablet’s battery
(Nexus 7) not making it through a whole day of use.
At the same time, I am also not on message boards and twitter
raging about non-removable batteries. It has just worked better for me
personally to have a device with a removable battery thus far.
Thanks for all the great shows. The two of you have great
chemistry together as hosts. I’ve been an avid listener via stitcher
for almost a year now, but have never written in to the show until now.

Sounds like you both NEED a LONG steam… It’s been a nasty week for you two..

JAMES!!! Are U alright? Ride totaled and you don’t give us the details?? WTF??? Just thank your lucky stars you came out basically un-harmed. I remember having a smash-up on one of the UK’s dark, NARROW back roads out around Slough, with a yank that decided he was driving on the wrong side of the road and despite screaming at the top of my lungs from three feet away, we left a huge “V” shaped dent in the front end of a Peugeot 505… NOT my best days…

And Ash, you are the ultimate enigma…. Despite of you woking like a wild woman to get the publicity engine cranked up around and about you, even ‘major’ companies that want you to do work for them keep showing off their stupidity about ways to find out about us… staggering..sorry… More goodness will come your way….

GOOD show this week tech-fools….. what a WONDERFUL way to finish off a tough week. GREAT, real-life adventures of two of the funniest and real personalities around… Keep Rockin…


Great Britain from Saint Paul
Hi, Actually James, This is Great Britain from Saint Paul, Minnesota. I’m not drunk, Norma doing drugs. I really love.

Can’t believe I ranted against batteries, and stop being a hater!

Hey google wake up from your us in the Eat voice recognition doesn’t have to suck. Cos 20 13th. Really I. I called the guys on like I think it was Thursday and I was anxious, so it’s did kinda sound like my name is Steve but goodness gracious. It’s google ever intrusive transcript system, release date. They need to give us the option 250 absolutely crappy one. Again, because if this is this has too much entertainment value. I mean groups could start charging for crappy transcriptionist and people would buy it just because it’s amusing, okay. Can I still of the show. Maybe I won’t be as nervous. This time with the next bye.

Jesse James
Hey what’s up. Okay how I had a call and and correct give it. Craig when she said, I didn’t leave a name. See you guys won by grand prairie dogs back back. I love funny. I would like to know when I was in sales, like, really. I’ve gotta say my name anyways, it’s jessie james, out of Dallas, Texas regular this, or now, so I really enjoyed it into the park ass, make it short. That sounds like 3 minutes. I apologize about that One question is, Is anybody i was having you two issues man because my holes like family and friends. We are having is issue we just keep but free, you know once i wanna know played it is like. Now that you know, wi-fi so I No, and if you have to be like. I’d like a celebration of the pool so. I will have you ever had, and then if you know anything about that hello. Sam, why not. C M 10 on the nexus or is it because of this beautiful stock. Make sure that you want on it just kinda curious. ON that and life. The wise stand. If I had one. If I did, but I forgot. So, I think. Anyways. Guys love the show. Dr. James just to get a correct it won’t be my last call you know and I’ll keep calling. Keep up the great work love the show talk to you later.

Yo Yo. Tech Foolery. And Pixel. It is your boy james yet again to get a chance on my world. I’m actually not going to dress up in everything. The normally do is talk about mobile World Congress, I must get that. My question is more for ashley’ll James. Now that I have the door. Yeah on the whole 40 hour cut off. And it seems like streaming getting more popular with the industry. What you guys feel about streaming players charging so much per month to me. I think it’s kind of an ass pick removed. I understand. Looking for licensing fees but They hold the cards. All they have to do is say no, we’re not gonna do this. It’s like carriers. If all the phone company said I, we will close your phone but we decided I’m not gonna do that with the way. But I don’t know. I just wanna see if you guys think. Especially now that you know these are little expensive and out of there and more the meantime. Also, hey Chad out the Walter and all the syntax rules of message me and was awesome. So, as always may, or may be. Well, okay. Take a break from the working out thing, but I will be back on here a little bit give Mr. Burke, we’ll keep going, and the i was saying possum in your honor, bye bye.



Don’t bogart the cannons, man

A heinous and delicious crime

Oh boy. Where do we even start with this joker