Ashley & Sam welcome a guest to the show this week: the technology miscreant and generally decent guy Seb. Everyone takes delight in continuing to crap on RIM, ponder why Steve Jobs loves the show so much from his cryogenic chamber beneath Cupertino, and attempt to start a fight with those thieves** over at The Verge. We also discuss the Nexus tablet (if there IS one), Google’s inevitable plateau on devices activated per day, and RIM turning away Amazon’s buy inquiry so they could fix their problems on their own. Mostly because they’re super great at fixing them thus far!

Grab bag stories include flesh eating TV hosts, a two-headed baby, and the amazing and heartwarming story of two RIM executives who got drunk on a plane. Happy fucking Holidays!

**Just kidding, Verge dudes. You know we love you. But seriously, stop reading our minds. It’s freaking us out a little bit.


Here’s the fan art we got the other day from Lonex:

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